10 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies For Business

10 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies For Business

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Any Business

Facebook is one of the best and most effective business marketing tools in 2019 granting advertising access to audiences from all industries and sectors. With over 2.2 billion monthly active users on the platform, the likelihood of your target audience being present on Facebook is relatively high.

You might have borne witness to the shift of marketing from its traditional form into the digital mediums, but what’s surprising is that in the next 12-18 months we are going to experience a shift of 1 Billion Dollars moving from traditional marketing directly into Facebook and Social Media Marketing.

More and more businesses are utilizing this platform to establish their online presence and brand awareness, as it is one of the best and easiest ways to reach out and influence their respective audiences.

The competition on this platform is very high as companies today are marketing their brands on a daily basis and aggressively competing for the limited ad spaces available on Facebook.

To someone who is new to Facebook marketing, the platform may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but I’m here to simplify this process for you by providing you with the 10 most effective Facebook marketing strategies that work for any business.

1. Professional Business Page

Everybody is aware that we need to have a Facebook page in order to market on Facebook. This is only half true. In order to market effectively on Facebook, you need to have a well updated Facebook page, i.e., a page which is fully optimized.

All the information needs to be readily and easily available when your customers are looking for it. Make sure that all your business details like phone number, address, working hours, products, services, and about/story sections are completely updated.

2. Take Advantage Of Your Cover Picture

A lot of times Brands look at the Cover Picture section as a void space they need to fill. This result is a very vague and irrelevant cover picture. This is wrong, by doing this you are not utilizing the platform to its maximum potential.

Instead, adding a cover picture with a message describing or giving more information about your business or brand would yield a high engagement rate.

Facebook also allows us to add a short cover video, of 5 to 90 seconds. This feature not only will improve the engagement but also allows the brands to showcase their work to the audience.

3. Incorporate Customer Service

REPLY BACK! When you expect your audience to engage with your post, you should also reciprocate when they do so. Audience love and interact more with Brands that reply to them and solve their issues.

This is one of the best ways to retain your audience.

Make sure your reply back to all your inbox messages, comments and recommendations received on your posts and page. This will increase the responsiveness of the page and people are more likely to interact and engage with responsive pages.

4. Valuable Content

Content is King in the digital world, and especially on Facebook as the content is the only thing the users can engage with.

With that said, Facebook is basically flooded with a lot of content. Most of it which are not useful or valuable to the audience in any way. As a new Brand, you can take advantage of this situation by providing good and valuable content which will benefit your audience in some way.

However, the organic reach for posts has become nonexistent over time. So, make sure you boost and run Ads for your posts in order to push them to the right audience.

Facebook Stories are also a great place to push your content and reach a lot of your audience. Facebook stories reach out to more audiences than organic posts.

In addition to this, create a Content Calendar and stick to it, by doing so you are not only prepared to what to post next but also your audience will know when they can expect something from you.

5. Run Special Offers

People are attracted to offers like moths drawn to a flame. Creating offers on your Facebook page is one of the best ways to increase the engagement for your brand. Creating offers exclusively on Facebook for your audience will make them feel appreciated.

Don’t worry about burning a hole in your pocket by running offers from time to time. Ask your audience to do some free marketing for you by liking, sharing or commenting on your post in order to avail that offer.

This way you are taking the help of your audience to increase your visibility and then you are rewarding them with offers for doing so.

6. Engage With Other Posts

Okay, now this strategy might not make sense to you at first but hear me out. Why do you need to engage with similar posts when you are trying to increase the visibility of your business?

Well, it’s because of Facebook’s algorithm. By engaging with other similar content, you are warming up Facebook’s algorithm in your favor. So, this way, if you post something after you have engaged with other posts Facebook is more likely to show your post to the audience of those pages with whom you have engaged with.

Those audiences are still up your niche as you are engaging with posts in your niche and the audience will find your post as a “Recommended Post”. So basically, your post was recommended by Facebook to those people. And who does not want to be recommended by Facebook?

7. Make User Of Page Insights

Facebook Insights is a free tool that helps us to understand and access in-depth details about our audience. By utilizing this tool, you can understand what time your audience is most likely to be present on the platform, what are their demographics, their age and a lot of other things which will help you to improve your content.

A lot of times we don’t get engagement on our content even though our content is BOMB, simply because our content is not curated correctly for our audience or it is not posted at the right time. This tool can help us overcome these small obstacles.

8. Use Custom Audience

Using Custom audience is a game-changer for all businesses.

Custom Audiences are basically those audiences who have engaged with your brand in some way previously. They can be people who have engaged with your website, your videos, your lead generation form, Instagram business, your own customer list and more.

By re targeting your ads to people who have already engaged with your business before will push them a step closer to becoming your lead or converting.

Now let’s assume that even after using Custom Audience you’re not getting leads or conversions. This only means that your audience is not very familiar with your brand. So, by running ads to your Custom Audience only increases your brand recognition. And by continuously doing so, you will find people Converting and engaging with your brand in no time.

9. Spy On Your Competitors

This might be a little sneaky but it is definitely worth it. Try and find out what are the strategies your competitors are using. Why? Because if that strategy is working for them it will most likely work for you as well.

But how can you spy on them?

Well, it’s really simple. By going to your competitor’s page, you can view their “Info and Ads” tab. This tab will give you the information about what ads your competitors are running.

Analysis their Ads, see what type of creatives are working for them, check their Call to Action buttons and read their Ad copies. This will give you more ideas for your own business.

10. Create Lookalike Audience

Sometimes, no matter how much you try, it’s just not possible to reach all your target audience.

Then what do you do? Just leave it to Facebook.

Having access to almost unimaginable data about its users Facebook can help you in targeting the right audience for your Business.

Lookalike Audience are people who have similar interests, demographics and behavioral patterns as that of your Custom Audience. By using a Lookalike Audience, you are able to reach out to most of your target audience who have a higher affinity towards your Business.

Just another side tip would be for you to consistently post content on the platform. By being consistent with your postings  you will be able to get more out of the platform and your audience.

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