A Practical Guide To Gain Digital Marketing Experience

A Practical Guide To Gain Digital Marketing Experience

Practical Steps To Gain Digital Marketing Experience

One of the best ways to increase your expertise in digital marketing is to start trying out digital marketing concepts practically. Whether you have opted to learn from an institute or on your own from online classes, you can derive the maximum benefit only when you simultaneously practice. If you have a computer and some basic computer skills, internet and some money to invest, you can start with digital marketing.

Let us see how you can do this:

  • Identify an area or topic you are interested in and start a blog.
  • Invest in a domain for your blog and a basic hosting plan.
  • Use a CMS like WordPress and set up and customize your blog.
  • Learn keyword research and SEO techniques and start publishing SEO-optimized blog posts on topics you are interested in.
  • Link your blog with Google Analytics and Webmaster and start tracking the visitors to your blog.
  • Continue refining your content writing and publish more blog posts.
  • Create a Facebook personal page if you do not have it and optimize it. Then, create a business page for your blog. Start posting on both personal account and page. Create a content calendar. Promote blog posts on business page and get readers to visit your blog. Follow Facebook analytics.
  • Start with Facebook ads to promote your page and get more likes, followers, and visitors to your blog.
  • Start an Instagram account and start posting there.
  • Incorporate social sharing buttons on your blog site using plugins.
  • Signup for an email marketing service like MailChimp which is free. Create an email signup form on your blog. Create an email list and start emailing them about any new posts on your blog.
  • Use email to promote your Facebook page.
  • Create a Google Ads account and start running paid ads to promote your blog.
  • Explore Google analytics further to optimize your organic and paid campaigns.
  • Create LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and start connecting with people and also start posting on these platforms related to your blog.
  • Sign up for Ad Sense.

By going through this process you can get hands-on experience in the practical application of digital marketing techniques.

Becoming a digital marketing expert is a process that requires dedication, consistency, and persistence. Just implementing something on your website or Facebook page and then checking on it after two months is not going to offer you any benefit. You need to spend some time every day on your digital marketing efforts to gain expertise. Implement, analyze, learn from mistakes and innovate is the way to go.

By going through the steps above, you would have a gained some experience in the major components of digital marketing like:

1. Website Structure Design and Development

2. Search Engine Optimization

3. PPC Marketing

4. Social Media Marketing

5. Google Analytics and Search Console

7. Content Writing and Marketing

You can scale this up further with time.

By this time, you would have identified which segment of digital marketing you find most interesting. You can go about specializing in PPC, SEO, SMM or content marketing. Digital marketing is most beneficial when done in an integrated manner, and therefore, an expert digital marketer must have knowledge of all the components of digital marketing, but equally can strive to be the best subject matter expert in a particular specialty thereby ensuring that he/she is always in demand in the job market.


While there is a huge demand for digital marketers, if you want to earn some big bucks in this field and attain top positions you must become an expert in digital marketing. Being mediocre will get you nowhere. To be an expert you need a shift in your mindset. Digital marketing is a field in which there are changes every day. To be a good digital marketer, you need to have the interest to learn every day and innovate and keep up with anything new in the field. This way you can offer your clients or employers the best possible services.

Follow the above steps and start becoming a digital marketing expert. Comment below and let us know if you found this article useful and share it with someone who would be interested in this topic.

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