Importance Of Keyword Research in SEO For Businesses in 2020?

Importance Of Keyword Research in SEO For Businesses in 2020?

Why Are Keyword Research Is So Important For One’s Website?

In this Digital Era, Everyone makes use of search engine to get the information out, Here the information displays based on the kind of search query and relevancy of content mentioned in the specific web page. So always think from a user point of view before choosing a keyword to your business and question yourself  “ If you are a user how will you search? Will you search with the right keyword?


If other users are searching with keywords relevant to product or services which you offer to your business will they search, the way you are searching for it now?


Think from a user point of view and even about business, Always choose the right keyword for your business,  If a user search with a specific keyword and If my result displays, whether Am I displaying my results to right users? It’s not the matter of generating clicks or traffic to your web pages, rather pick a right keyword and generate genuine users to your website to get better leads or conversions.


Depending on user search, Competition for each keyword varies, The competition for both “Long tail keyword and Short Tail keyword in SEO will not be the same. The number of search results for both vary.


Ex. Keyword Research – Single word or two words phrase will be still considered as short tail keywords, broad keywords or Head terms. Search engine or Google will display a huge number of results on anything that is related to “keyword research” Because a user isn’t specified more, It’s still incomplete the search results for these keywords will be too huge and to rank, for such keywords, it will always be a tough time.


Here plays an important role for a long tail.


A long tail keyword search would be something like Ex: why keyword research is so important? Here the search results for such keywords will be always less or minimal, because here user is specified more about what he’s looking out for, Likewise  search engine or google will display results based on relevancy and search results would be minimal and from business point of view long tail keywords generate genuine traffic and good number of conversions, also its easy to rank on SERP.


Long tail keywords are also great because it is much more specified for a topic than SEO.


The more you specify, you have a better chance to rank well on SERP


It’s not that every time short tail or long tail will be relevant for your business, depending on your business, Is it for a local business or national business based on understanding you have to pick both short and long tail as a combination for your business.


Always understand the importance of Keyword Difficulty


Choosing the right keyword.


How difficult is to rank a keyword on SERP?


What’s the level of competition?


How many websites have a target with the same keyword? Are they your competitors? How many keywords your competitor is ranking on SERP?


If you work on the above points definitely you will find out the answer.


It’s not that every time you keep thinking for keywords If you keep thinking Maybe yes 1,2 or max 3 keywords you get.


Find out the relevant keyword for your business from your competitor website by checking “View page source” “Meta Keywords”, again even this as a full stop, every time you won’t be finding the best keywords. Sometimes competitor keywords might be partially relevant to your business.


What’s next???


In such a case, I always recommend you to use Free SEO Keyword Research Tools.

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