What is Keywords and its Types? Importance Of Keywords?

What is Keywords and its Types? Importance Of Keywords?

Keywords are the words or phrases, that a user tends to search using a search engine to get the information in return. When a user search with a specific keyword, Search engine list out the information in return with relevancy.

Why keywords are important for one’s business?

Keywords are important because these are words user tend to search on SERP or google search page to get results and When these keywords are targeted with your content it creates more of relevancy.

So always pick important keywords which is relevant for your business, Because as a business owner these keywords should be segregated and targeted within your page source code (Meta Keywords) and even while writing the content for a specific web page

Keywords describes your business what you offer to audience or users, To create a content that ranks well on Google SERP to drive visitors to your website. So you have to understand the need of customers or users. What they are looking out for? This information generally you collect it from your existing customers by contacting them or come up with online surveys and feedback forms, participating in forums, community and relevant groups for your business niche.

What are the types of SEO keywords? What are the types of Google Ads keywords? How they differentiate from each other?

Types of keywords in Google Ads

  • Broad Match Modifier
  • Broad Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match
  • Negative Match

There are majorly two different types of keywords

  • User Intent:

    A user intended to normally search on google or other search engines.

  • Informational Keywords / Blogging Keywords: These keywords are used to pull out the information from Google for what they looking out for. This kind of searches happens only when someone needs more of information on a specific product or services. Ex:“Top 10 Free Keyword Research Tools”, “ What are the types of keywords? Why keyword is important?
  • Branded Keywords: When the searches happen with words or key phrases including brand name, then it is known as branded keywords.
  • Comparison Keywords: When a user search with keyword, comparison happens between two products or services to know more about benefits and features. Ex : Iphone X vs samsung s10, Bmw vs audi
  • Navigational Keywords: If the search is about finding a specific website then it is known as navigational keywords.Ex: Linkedin, Pinterest or Myntra and so on.
  • Buying Keywords / Transactional Keywords : If purpose of search is to complete the transaction like buying products from online, ending up with conversion is knowns as buying keywords. Ex: buy iphone x online, buy red tape formal shoes online
  • Commercial Keywords : When a user make search for any products or services, Here the intention of user is not to purchase, It might be to know more detailed information about the product.

  • Search Volume

A. Short Tail keywords: Keywords are with one, two-word phrases or with less than three words, for example: “ Digital Marketing”, with high search volume are also knowns are Broad keywords. These keywords are very difficult to rank because the search volume for each keyword is too high, and it is not specified in detail. Short tail keywords are also known as Head Terms

B. Long Tail keywords: Keywords are with three or more word phrases, with less search volume, It is very specific to the searches with less competition and conversion chances are more.

Long tail keywords are mainly targeted to very specific niche rather than target mass audience. Since it is very specific to one’s business with less competition, It is very easy to rank on google SERP within short time, these keywords attract highly qualified traffic that’s more like to convert.

A long tail keyword is a mixture of both short tail and long tail keywords. However, it is always recommended to speak with experts to know more about keywords for SEO.

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