Top 10 Difference between WhatsApp personal app and WhatsApp business app?

Top 10 Difference between WhatsApp personal app and WhatsApp business app?

Do you know the Difference Between Personal Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business App

The basic difference in Whatsapp Personal is with Call Icon, Business app indicates with Capital B in it.

To use whatsapp business, you need to create business profile by adding website name and description, email address,category, Open hours day wise, Business address to set your location in to it.

Do you know? Whatsapp business is a android app, and it is available only on Google play store.

Whatsapp business is mainly for customers, to reconnect and remarket with them, But when it comes to whatsapp is used for only personal use to connect with known like friends are family.

In olden days we used set this Basic SMS like “ Call you later” “I’m in meeting”. Likewise whatsapp allows you to set auto replies for your customers when your customers try to connect you and If you are not available, there is one good option to set auto replies for specific hours and day.

Also you can use custom schedule to set your message and time as greeting message to your new customers if required.

A Smart Messaging tool  “Quick replies” can be used to send predefined or fast replies for Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

You can use Mobile number or Landline number on Whatsapp business application

Personal app you get option to use only mobile number.

You can have both Messenger and whatsapp business profile on same phone, but phone number shouldn’t be same. But there’s no issue as such while using personal app.

As we reach out our customers through business version app, we also get statistics report of number of messages sent and received.

Also you can separate your customers by adding different label to them, labels are to segregate your customer with different categories

Do you know? Even whatsapp has a feature of “Tick”. Didn’t understand?

Facebook, Instagram and other social profile gives you blue badge with tick symbol, similar to it, even whatsapp business gives you green badge with tick for verified business account.

Customers can directly reach out to businesses by using shortlink they don’t have to save businesses contact number, but in personal app you should save one’s contact number to start a conversation.

Here’s also the opportunity to customize a default message so what exactly does that mean

First message will be prefilled for a customer to send when they click on your short link so it’ll say here for example: “Hello I’d like to buy one of your product”. So your customer doesn’t click on the link and then think gee what must I say to this business it’s actually pre-populated with a message which they can either just pops and or they can edit it if required.

Broadcast Message functionality works exactly the same as personal whatsapp.

What does it mean?

Broadcast message will not reach to your customers until they have your number saved.

So all you would need to do is again click the top three dots in the top right hand corner and you’ll see a new broadcast and here you can see that you can select up to 256 consumers to send a message to friends or family or whatever the case may be but in the case of whatsapp for business possibly its potential client people who’ve indicated an interest in your marketing and therefore you can use the functionality like that and you can obviously create different groups with different names and up to can’t broad based kind of message lots of people at the same time it’s the same as your personal whatsapp but it does obviously have that functionality that makes it easy to stay in touch obviously it’s incredibly important to make sure that you’re not spamming.

So possibly the first hurdle that you are going to encounter when it comes to business is that you cannot have WhatsApp for business and what’s a person running off of the same number, So you essentially have two options you can either convert your WhatsApp personal into WhatsApp for business using your personal mobile number or you have to register a new number and link that to WhatsApp for business this allows you to have both the personal WhatsApp and Business WhatsApp on one phone but it’s actually linked to two different numbers.

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